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Farscape Fic: The Righteous

Posted a drabble over on farscapefriday, I took advantage of the original character subject to help work out something for the Harbinger sequel.

The Righteous

Flames danced and fought against the shadows as her disciples knelt before her effigy. Li'ka, once nothing more than servant girl turned martyr, now stood for terror to those that did not believe in her. Her name, when whispered above ground, was a threat to wayward children who disobeyed their elders. A simple quest for freedom now warped after six thousand cycles.

Kirtha L'Vonsa knelt amid the sickening sweet smoke that permeated the room. The sounds of his followers echoed through the dimly lit chambers as they prepared for the coming fight. The war they had fought for so long, almost at an end.

Those above them, heretics all of them, did not believe in the righteous words of Li'ka. And soon they would know her full wrath as they died by her adherents' hands. Soon they would know the truth, and tremble as Li'ka arose to prevail once more over them all.
Tags: farscape, fic, original fiction

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