Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Got a funny story for you.

M called earlier and mentioned that the ex-SiL got a 'new' car finally, convertible. Well, her and the boyfriend were driving and she hadn't realized the headlights didn't come on automatically and they were pulled over.

*after running her license*
cop: I see you're a drug user. Got any drugs on you?
exSiL: No.

*to the boyfriend*
cop: Got any drugs on you?
BF: No.

He then makes them get out of the car and frisks them, telling the ex-SiL that it'll be a $170 fine for driving with no headlights, and then he searches the car. When nothing was found he just jumped back in his car and took off without saying another word, not even writing her that ticket.

For one thing, the car still has the temp tag on it so it's obvious that she'd be telling the truth about not realizing it about the headlights since the majority of cars do have that feature. Another thing, it wouldn't say on her driving record that she was a drug user, a shitty driver for sure, but not a drug user since she's never been arrested for drugs.

Cops around here suck ass and there's no way for her to report the behavior since he didn't give her any paperwork or card with his name on it.

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