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holy fuck

I started doing a search to see if my ex-husband is truly my "ex" last night since I've never been able to afford a divorce from him. Didn't really find an answer that (lying bastard search sites) but I did find court records for several restraining orders against him for domestic violence over the last decade and I've found his drivers license and last address as of March (which is not surprisingly in the crack-town area of the neighboring town). He only lives 10 miles from me if he hasn't moved. Freaking weird.

I am reeeeally glad I left him when I did. Now the question is: how do you go up to someone like that and say 'hey, did you happen to ever divorce me? cuz i'd really like to get married to my girlfriend and have a really happy life and also throw away this shitty ass last name i've been stuck with for the last 18 1/2 years.' (no, i don't have a girlfriend at this time but i'd just love to say that because i'm evil that way.)
Tags: ex-asshole, personal
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