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09 June 2009 @ 03:42 am
we're dolls, really.  
kazbaby: too bad we can't get a Crichton and Scorpy plush doll. we could do bad bad *bad* things with them to help enact porn.
ivorygates: *dies*
kazbaby: better than stick figures!
ivorygates: *cough* indeed
kazbaby: thinking about it. they'd be 'stick' figures themselves since they're guys.
ivorygates : *cackle*
ivorygates: uh huh. yer halo's caught on your horns, cupcake
kazbaby: damn *readjusts*
ivorygates: *snort*

(eta: i'm referring to choreographing for fic. *g*)
moodswing: sleepysleepy