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Evening on the Ground by hollywoodgrrl. Really just a kick ass Sheppard video. Music by Iron & Wine

(Crossover AU with SG-1) I was absolutely freaking shocked into silence when I watched Open Your Eyes by scif_tv_addict. For one thing the pairing is John/Vala and I admit I downloaded it out of morbid curiosity and expected it to be terrible. I couldn't have been more wrong. The editing in this is amazingly kick ass and made of so much awesome it hurts. Even if, like me, you don't care for the pairing... download this video and watch (you might just have your mind changed around about John/Vala). Music by Snow Patrol.

SG-1 -


princessofg wrote a gorgeous Jack/Daniel fic (post-descension) called The Broccoli Test. I can't even express how much I love the entire feel of it and just how easily she made me see each moment.

(crossover AU with SG-1) Never As Bad As Anticipated (Until It Is) by bluflamingo is Mitchell/Sheppard and it's a huge story beginning after Ark of Truth and Cam is given leadership of Atlantis instead of Sam. I can't even really put into words just how much I love this story, only that once I hit the ending I wanted to cry because there wasn't any more story. eta: reminded me of the two deleted scenes, Doppleganger and Outcast, for this story, which are actually what made me want to read the main storyline. /end eta.

Farscape -


Dreaming Absolutely gorgeous Farscape video by Diar (diarmi. Music by Bear McCreary (BSG soundtrack "Adama and Roslin" theme)

In honor of getting to read D'Argo's Lament #1 (oh how I missed you you luxan mug), some of my favorite D'Argo vids:

Also vidded by Diar. This has to be my favorite John/D'Argo video. It can be seen as both a buddy vid or slash, whichever way floats your boat more. ;) Destiny, music by Sunrise Avenue

Special love for this one because it's my all-time favorite Duran Duran song but halcyon_shift vidded it for me after I asked in my most sweet and charming way when I was first getting heavy into the fandom. I remember at the time this was done I hadn't even seen all of the series since I was relying on repeats in the evenings. Wild Boys

This was the first D'Argo video I fell in love with (I think I'd approached Lt.G with the song idea since I wasn't vidding yet). TNT, Music by AC/DC

And if I may be a little self-serving by adding this to my little D'Argo tribute list because his relationship with Chiana should be represented and I honestly don't know of any other vids for that pairing (plus I still love the hell out of this video), Cool My Desire, set to Bruce Springsteen.


(Crossover AU with SGA) I finally got off my ass and read tassosss's, Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. When she first posted it I tried a couple times to read it but I wasn't into SGA at all at the time and couldn't get into it. What the hell was I thinking?! Once I started reading this time I couldn't stop and I really really want to see this continued because John Crichton is just so broken (and wonderfully hardcore) and I love his relationship with Ronon.

(Crossover AU with SG-1) You'll Do by gigerisgod. I rec'd this over at stargateficrec and I figure I'd better share over here just to make sure everyone knows to check this out. This story is short but sweet (and so wonderfully wicked). It's a crossover with the Farscape universe and if you don't know that 'verse, let's just say that the Goa'uld (and even the Ori) would hesitate before trying to screw with Scorpius. (Although actually, Scorpius and Ba'al would probably get along quite well if they could trust each other for more than two seconds, because both of them see everyone and anything as a chess piece in a larger picture that they're firmly focused on.)

I'm a little afraid of giving things away with just the category I'm posting in, but don't let that stop you from reading this wicked little gem. The mood and the language gigerisgod uses to tell the story is just so perfect -- there's an undercurrent of tension running through every line, and the ending slaps you in the face even after you're sure you've anticipated every twist and turn….
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