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Exclusive Interview at Ben Browder - Online.net

This really was an awesome interview to read. Link

Before we start I want to thank Ben's management for setting us up and Ben Browder for his generosity and kindness, as he was most gracious with his time and the most fun to talk to anyone could possibly imagine. After a more or less "serious" start to the interview, while talking about his new project Freeze Frame, we spent the rest of the interview mostly joking and laughing about blogging, Twitter, a new career to fall back on and possibly killing someone with a Blackberry. This left me with a great dilemma .... do this strictly professional, keep it straight to Freeze Frame and serious, or go the fan-girl route. While listening to the interview again with a friend to write it down she commented that it was the funnest thing she had ever heard so it was decided - it has to be posted in full (or almost full ...)

I hope you enjoy.

BBO: First phone interview with you and there is a big quote on top of my notes and it says “Fail gloriously”.

Ben: Good Approach [laughs]

After you read, please head over to [info] - communitybenbrowder and comment on what questions would you ask Ben if given the opportunity. It's just for fun and to satisfy my curiosity but I'd also like for the responses to be something you'd honestly consider asking him if given the opportunity to sit down with him.

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