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My babyboy is growing up so fast

It's so damn hard to believe he's going to be 15 in a couple days. It seems as if it wasn't that long ago that I'd dance with him or sing to him the little pieces of songs that I know by heart to get him to fall asleep for naps. When we all lived in Georgia, he'd sit next to dad in the pickup truck and hold his hand on the floor gear shift and pretend he was driving, letting go only when dad would have to shift gears. He was his grandpa's sidekick and everyone knew it. Over the past year he's gone through a lot with dad passing away and dealing with his parents and M and trying his best to keep up his grades so he can go into the Air Force. I love the hell out of my nephew. ♥

my babyboy

when you see this smile, watch out. *giggle*
Harley Smiles

he spends so much time building on his skateboards from broken boards
Harley w/ his board

with his dad and (big)A
Harley, Trampus and Amber
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