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Teal'c and Vala discuss the better storylines and descriptions found in Harlequin Romances. Daniel and Cam are watching this conversation (between Teal'c and Vala) and neither realize it when Daniel slips into Anthropologist mode about relationships in literature (or something like that), and brings Cam along for the ride. They get all philosophical in their discussion while watching the others talk about romance and sex in novels.

At the end (maybe) Vala can interrupt the boys and tell them they have the strangest conversations and Teal'c tells her she gets used to it.

This was born from reading smutty badfic, so it's not entirely my fault. And I am so not going to write it for a couple reasons: 1. Anthropologist talk, 2. I've only read maybe half a romance novel in my life (my naughty books were King and Koontz) so I don't have a freaking clue what would be considered 'good' in them. *g*

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