Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

When a mommy idea and a daddy idea get together...a New Community is born.

ivorygates: oh, wouldn't *that* be a team? Geek!Cam, big hunky Samuel Carter, and Tokra!Daniel....
kazbaby: oh gawd. i think i need new panties.
ivorygates: *serene*
ivorygates: just open a Bunny Report. someone from our Bunny Support Team will be with you soon.
kazbaby: *cackle*
ivorygates: *snicker*
kazbaby: oh jesus....there's a comm idea!
ivorygates: yes!

And so [info]bunny_support was born. A multi-fandom place where plot and video bunnies can be dropped off for others to grab up or adopt as their own and help them grow up to be full fledged pieces of art for everyone to enjoy. Please join and spread the word.

(and yes, this is how most of our ideas come about.)

Folks not on Dreamwidth will be able to comment on ideas using OpenID.
Tags: bunny supprt, dreamwidth, fic idea, vidder_news, vidding, writers, writing

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