Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Claudia Black Announced!

Joining the already announced superstar BEN BROWDER as co-headliner is the equally sensational CLAUDIA BLACK! Both stars make very infrequent convention appearances and it is quite obvious that they have much love for Farscape and Scapers by this fantastic duo who always try to make this one event a year. Better still, both are set for Sunday and their on-stage appearances are ALWAYS amazingly entertaining! Also on hand will be LANI TUPU, GIGI EDGLEY, PAUL GODDARD, DAVID FRANKLIN and VIRGINIA HEY.

We've just put on the site the opportunity for BREAKFAST with BEN BROWDER, a cool COCKTAIL RECEPTION with CLAUDIA, and autographs and photo ops with BEN & CLAUDIA (including duo photo ops that offer a shot of BEN, CLAUDIA & YOU!)

In further great news, we'll also be having our annual OFFICIAL STARGATE CONVENTION in the same hotel the same weekend and all GOLD WEEKEND patrons can attend that convention for FREE (space permitting). Check out the details at the site.

GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES for FARSCAPE (the most upscale way to attend the convention) are now about 50% sold out, so please grab these today and get the best seatings in the theater that we currently have.
Tags: claudia black, con formally known as burbankcon*09

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