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Cute Overload!

These are pictures that have been taken over the last several months and I'd been meaning to share at one time or another but kept putting it off. So now you get to feel the full power of Teh Cute.

This has got to be the fugliest doll but Junior refuses to go to sleep without it. As you can tell she's been pretty hard on the little guy, her mom has had to re-stitch him together several times but at some point the legs became a lost cause.
damn dirty ape monkey girl1 monkey girl b/w

(little)M for some reason only loves to do
chores when it comes to power tools.
nature girl

Miss Pouty McPout (actually I think that
pouty lip was just an accidental catch)
Miss Pouty Mcpout

When it's naptime, my mom is the only one that can get her to fall asleep but only if it's in her chair. This kid is always on the go (as two year olds are wont to be) and sometimes even her tummy can't fight the urge to sleep when it's 'crash and burn' time.
nana shaped bed still a sleepy head sleepy head

Puppy Power!
puppy prayer *kiss* Hey mom!

Damn, kids can sure wear you out.
sleeping dogs lie
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