Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Damn it's fun to be a plot bunny!

All of this time I've been bitching about them jumping into my head...giving me evil little thoughts...and BAM! Along comes the opportunity to do the same to someone else. I LOVE IT!

Over on the Kansas board Cathy1967 had a great story called 'From Xata With Love', after torturning the crap out of John with alien rape and convulsions, she couldn't come up with an ending. Then little ole me steps in...dropping a few idea, I step back and watch the gut wrenching begin. She ended it beautifully shippy.
Then Ixchup and I asked to write an alternate ending...and HOLY SHIT! what an alternate she's writing...I'm sitting here instead of working on my own fic, hoping she'll hurry her Danish ass up and post it before I have to go to work.

I need a distraction from the Spawns of Satan I'm babysitting.


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