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Yes, silly me signed up for the Farscape Ficathon. I wonder how many people cringed when they saw my requests. *veg*

And kixxa, you know I wuv vu. *sends out John/Braca vibes* hehe

Almost done with my very own website. I wanted the title of it to be Junction of Realities, but that was taken. Hell, even my own name was taken..can you believe it? So the site is called Unrealized Realities. (yeah, original right?) For the last two days I've been finding and converting all my stories to html. I about shit when I counted them and saw I had 62. Sixty-fucking-two! I knew I had done a bunch, but not that many. Thank god most of them are drabbles and ficlets or I wouldn't have fingers left.

It should be up in the next day or so once I get all the stories linked.

Mom's doing good after her surgery, still sore as hell. She keeps over doing it by trying to do things for herself. So I've also been doing my own thing, doing her thing, and helping her out. Also trying to keep the kids from running into her. She hates having me drive her all over. hehe

Well, off to bed, I have hell waiting for me tomorrow with 9 kids that are going to be hopped up candy and eggs.


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