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If you attract the weirdos. *raises hand* Usually it's old bikers or 'rock singers' for me. Today I stepped up in the world. Today I attracted deep throat...and not the porno one either. *g*

Went to the hospital with mom so she could have the permanent tens unit put into her spine, along with the battery that is now in her hip. She's sore, but that's to be expected, she said she's fine otherwise.

Anyway, I'm in the surgery waiting room with the laptop working on 2 Johns and this guy (waiting on his sister in surgery) across the table from me asks if I'm a writer. I told him the truth, no..I just write sci-fi stories. He then asked me if I would write his story. WTF? It seems this guy has the low down on a huge 'conspiracy' within the Hillsborough County govt. Yeah, right...got a bridge for ya too pal.

He goes into all these details and totally bores the living crap outta me. He gives me his card and tells me to call him and he'll start setting me up with the information. I'm still pretending to be interested because I was taught to be polite to my elders..stupid rule at times. I tell hiim it's all very interesting and I would think about it.

What's also strange is this wife is sitting next to him and listening. She's nodding her head in all the right places, and acts like this is the real deal. I think he's just a bored old man myself. I'm thinking of Jimmy Stewart in Harvey at this point in regards to this dude since I had just watched it last night.

I was laughing as I told my mom about it after she got out of recovery and she asked to see the guy's card and said I should call him. I still don't buy it.

I don' know why I attract people like that. LOL And for some reason I feel like I wrote a 'Dear Penthouse' letter. *snerk*

Now time for me to get my ass to bed. I only had three hours sleep last night, got involved with the Show and Tell thread on Kansas and made
, spent most of the day at the hospital and I have to get up at 5:30am with the kids.

One more thing...Yay! for Henson to post on SFS.com. That is the coolest, the deal about tying things up though seriously puts a damper on my happiness and downs me. I guess I'm just tired and need to get some sleep.

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