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We're such naughty girls

While searching through other story notes I came across a conversation with ivorygates from last year. When I reminded her of it she said: hey you know what? This thing about Daniel setting Cam up as Teal'c's sub could SO be the background for "Too True"...

Which so works for me, so we've decided this is the background for her most awesome, wonderful, kick-fucking-ass story Too True to Say Goodbye To You (which was written for ME and I love in such a way that I'm sure is illegal in three states).

kazbaby: and we have boys in leather!!!!!!!!!

ivorygates: yuppper!

kazbaby: daniel doesn't know how to sit in them. *snicker*

ivorygates: *giggle* so much for his sex life...

kazbaby: now i can see him and cam having a conversation as to *why* cameron is so damn comfortable in the leather gear.

ivorygates: hee hee HEEEEE

kazbaby: that's how daniel figures out that cam is in the closet.

ivorygates: *oooooh*

kazbaby: he doesn't buy cam's story saying he's worn leather pants for costume parties before.

kazbaby: way too comfortable.

ivorygates: nope. not even a little bit.

kazbaby: he asks cam if he wants to fuck him and cam almost passes out.

ivorygates: and cam will suggest that he's secretly into S&M. and daniel will say: oh yes. because that would be *better*

kazbaby: cam is trying to figure out how he got from point A to Q.

kazbaby: hee!

ivorygates: it's the patented daniel jackson brain!

kazbaby: daniel calls him on it and says 'show me'.

ivorygates: and cam is all ..."what?"

kazbaby: "Show me. If you're 'into' S&M and not just a closeted, repressed homosexual with the biggest crush in two galaxies on Teal'c and I, then *show me*."

ivorygates: And Cam will throw up his hands and say "you want me to tie you up and *beat you* as a way of getting out of this conversation? That's kinky, Jackson, even for *you*."

kazbaby: "Not so much." Daniel then gives him a toothy grin and takes a drink of his coffee.

ivorygates: "Please tell me I'm not hearing what I think I'm hearing," Cam will demand of the ceiling. "Jackson, if you knew the first thing about S&M you'd know a lot more about wearing a pair of leather jeans, is all I've got to say here."

kazbaby: "Never said I wore leather jeans. I prefer chaps. Not as binding."

kazbaby: (cam then falls over dead)

ivorygates: (yes)

ivorygates: "Chaps," Daniel goes on sweetly, stroking his own thigh meaningfully. "Over a nice pair of well broken in jeans. Nice... tight... jeans. I like a button-fly myself. How about you, Mitchell?"

kazbaby: After several attempts to answer, Cam finally nods and says, "Same here. Feels as if you're not wearing a thing..."

ivorygates: (Daniel is such a bitch )

kazbaby: Daniel puts down his coffee cup, walks over and grabs his jacket. When Cam looks at him as Daniel shoves a few things into a bag, Daniel tell him. "Go sign out for the day, Mitchell."

"And why would I do that?"

"For one, it's the end of day, and two it's sort of hard to demonstrate your wardrobe *here*."

kazbaby: (yup! god love him.)

ivorygates: *giggle*

ivorygates: "Who says I'm gonna-"

"Oh, don't be *dense*," Daniel says. "And if you don't move your ass, I'm going to invite Teal'c along to help."

kazbaby: Mitchell considers that bit of information and he suddenly appears to have trouble sitting comfortably. Daniel smirks. "Wrong thing to say considering who I'm talking to...," Cam jumps up and brushes past him, heading for his office, muttering about how he's going to hurt Daniel. "Promises, promises," Daniel responds as he follows him.

ivorygates: (*oooooh*)

kazbaby: some day someone will write that fic.

ivorygates: (kinky SG-1 sex games. and Teal'c getting to enjoy the perks he had to give up when he left Apophis's service...)

ivorygates: (which would be an interesting fic, you know: Teal'c is looking for a nice boytoy, and both Daniel and Jack have always known about his tastes, and when Cam shows up, Daniel realizes that Cam will be a perfect match for Teal'c.)

kazbaby: that last part is something dawn and i were going to address in the cam/teal'c story we'll maybe do one day. where cam and teal'c pose as master and slave.

kazbaby: ooooooooooooooo

ivorygates: (*mmmmm*)

kazbaby: now that's different! tell me more darlin!

ivorygates: (I need to go be worky-work in just a minute, but I'll do that first.)

ivorygates: Okay. Assume that Jack is fairly straight, and isn't willing to sub for Teal'c anyway, nor does Teal'c see Jack in that role. Daniel is gay, but isn't emotionally capable of subbing for Teal'c due to his Goa'uld issues.

ivorygates: (although they sometimes have sex)

kazbaby: (mmmm)

ivorygates: So Cam arrives, and it's obvious to Daniel that Cam totally fanboys both him and Teal'c.

ivorygates: There isn't the problem (with Cam) of the same dynamic there was between Jack and Teal'c, so Daniel is wondering: will Cam be a suitable fit for what Teal'c really wants? For so many reasons, Teal'c can't shop outside SG-1 for what he needs: for a lot of years, the potential for scandal would have ensured that he was sent off to the NID petting zoo, and now that they have Landry, again, they aren't sure how much latitude Teal'c will get. So Cam will be perfect ... if he swings that way.

kazbaby: and Cam does. Daniel's tested the waters carefully.

ivorygates: (yes)

kazbaby: i think i'm in love with your brain.

ivorygates: *bows*

ivorygates: (add this to the bunny hutch)

kazbaby: (dude, when cam says 'he'll be back' after teal'c leaves at the end of TPTB... he's so smitten)
Tags: cameron mitchell, daniel jackson, fic ramble, friends, sg-1, slash, teal'c
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