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I have to babysit my bro's kids at his place for a week while he and (big)A go out of town job/house hunting in Panama City and then visiting her mother in Tennessee. It was supposed to just be for three-frelling-days (before Tennessee was added to the agenda). They sprung the extra days on me the day before yesterday and so that means I have to take Junior and (little)A with me when I drive the landlord to his bridge games. Oh thrilling.

And the really fun part is the limited wireless connection (mom still has a wireless set up from when I lived with her and it - barely - reaches my bro's next door.). NOT (though I will admit it could be a hell of a lot worse in that department)

So I'm running around, making sure all my laundry and chores around the place is finished because I just know a certain landlord's evol daughter is going to be poking her nose into my room. I tried to put a lock on the door but it's made of that old particle board and the screws just slide right back out of the wood. *rolls eyes*

I don't really want to do this because I fucking hate my brother's trailer for the same reasons they're trying to get the hell out of it themselves.

Please pray that the trailer, nor the 2 and 4 year old kill me this week. They've been throttled up for a couple weeks now.
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