Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

cosmic castaways need clean underwear

Thanks everyone who watched the video, and commented. *huggies to all*

kernezelda has said that she has the urge to vid now. Yay!

I've had the urge to vid since I started watching the suckers over a year ago. I guess halcyon_shift can breathe a sigh of relief that I'll quit bugging her with song ideas. hehe Not! Until I get more confident with this, I'm still going to pester her with ideas for vids.

I've been kind of playing with it this morning. I think I figured out how to do slow mo on it, and for sure learned how to switch the color hues. Yay me!

I have a good shot at a job with the brokerage firm our landlord's son is the president of. If I get it, it'll only be for 20 hours a week, but I'll be working from home and be bringing in some money and not hitting my savings.

Now time to light a fire under my nephew's butt to finish his room because I want to go see Hellboy and it's K's b-day movie since he turned 10 on the 1st. So I have to take him with me.

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