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Icon Prezzies, Yay!

I made these as birthday prezzie for hilarytamar, unfortunately very belated. The first one though is based on rydra_wong's 'Daniel is Straight' icon done for synecdochic and ivorygates's Mezzanine universe. hilarytamar mentioned she wanted one for herself and ivorygates for Dani and I said I give it a shot. All credit of course should automatically go to rydra_wong for the original idea. The other two are because HT has said a few times that she needed Ba'al icons. Well, now she has... *smacks hand over mouth before the joke can escape*

I hope you enjoy them as much they do.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

** small text on Ba'al PO'd says: your god is not pleased, bitch. :D
Tags: icons, prezzie, sg-1

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