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*already feels the withdrawal begin*

Our internet and cable went out suddenly and won't be fixed until tomorrow (they did originally say freaking Wednesday). WTF?! *twitch* According to BrightHouse there are "143 modems out but we don't see a major problem causing it". I'm sorry but isn't it obvious that you need to start with the local switching station or node (I forget what exactly it's called) and start from there?

I'm making this post while picking up the landlord from his bridge game. I am so glad I'd already had all of my online stuff pulled up on a bunch of tabs before this or else I'd really be going nuts. *pets pretty internet pages* I'm also glad I was able to get up my last post a few minutes before it went out - it'd drive me totally bonkers not being able to get the vid idea/request out for a while.

Just figured I'd post this to let certain people know why the hell I'm not online tonight. :-/

*twitch* *twitch*
Tags: ack!, internets

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