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Farscape Mid-Week Meltdown

WELCOME! To the Federation Starship - SS Buttcrack!
- John Crichton to Jool in Self-Inflicted Wounds Part 2
Wait For The Wheel

Issue two of the Farscape comic has been released. *makes note to get butt to the comic store*

From over on Watch Farscape -
if a collector's edition of Farscape were to be released, what would fans be most interested in and what would you like to see in Farscape's future???

With those questions in mind, we've got a survey we'd like to distribute to all the Farscape fans. Would you guys mind participating?? Also,if you've got some friends in your address book that are fans, make sure to pass it out their way.


Ben Browder - If you haven't checked it out yet, hop over to YouTube and check out Confession of an Iraq Vet a scene from the upcoming movie Freeze Frame. This actually a revised version of the clip I posted about originally. Jonas613 had to change out the opening/closing music after a dispute with YouTube despite having a license for the original track. From the looks of it the comments on the original upload of the clip seemed to have been deleted when he attempted to put it back up on the site. So even if you have already caught the clip and left a comment, would you be so kind as to go on over and comment on the revised clip given that they're using the site to keep track of interest.

Lani Tupu - via Emerald City on Terra Firma.
For Aussies: There is a new TV series coming on in Australia called "The Cut" and Lani is appearing in episode two.
For those in LA: Lani and his wife are appearing in a little film that was accepted in Los Angeles into a film festival that is coming up in the next few days. He was driving of course when he was telling me this, so he is going to send me the info later which I will post. Would love to hear about this too if anyone is going to the film festival. Plus it was the only Australian film accepted.

Wayne Pygram - Also will be appearing in an episode of The Cut but it's not known at this time which episode he'll be appearing in.

blast from the past fic rec:

Figured I'd try and post some of my favorite classic Farscape fanfic. I went with two of my favorite post-Die Me Dichotomy stories considering that was the episode that pretty much cemented me to the show forever. If I remember correctly these two in particular were written during the long hiatus after the Season Two finale so they're definitely AU from that point on.

Enter Eternity by Speedbump

Shatter Into View by ScapeKid

And considering I just can't leave you with an overload of angst, have some lovely smut. And when I say smut...I mean very NSFW. AU for Out Of Their Minds.
Scientist, Astronaut, and Nymphomaniac: The Nine Lives of John Crichton by Feldman
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