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Farscape Fic: No One

Author's Note: Just my thoughts on John's four years in the Uncharted Territories. Originally written and posted over on Kansas (old Farscape board) back in March of 2003 before I'd joined the fun here on LJ. I figured I'd simply post here for posterity when I realized it while updating things on my website. *g*
Spoilers: None in the story, but please expect some in the comments.

No One

How lonely can one person be?

You wander around the unknown,
You sit in the dark,
No one knows you, no one cares.
They have their own problems...worries...cares

I'm so alone
I can hear my own heart...breaking
No one can hear my cries....
I can see darkness inside

I want it to go.
I don't want to be like this
No one can hear my screams...outrage.

No one.
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