Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

And Even MORE Info on Ben Browder's New Movie

The person who posted the movie clip for Freeze Frame commented twice in response to comments over on YouTube:

Thanks so much for you support. As they say, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The more people that react the way you have, and come to the site, the better will be our distribution for the film. Though Hollywood has been dead set against making these kinds of films, they can't ignore these kinds of comments. Thanks again. Tell everyone you can to visit this site as well. This is truly a grass roots campaign to get the word out.

Don't worry about Ben being in the film a tiny bit. The story is about two vets... one from Vietnam, and the other from Iraq. One considered a success, the other a failure. Ben plays a convict who is imprisoned for robbery, with an unloaded gun. His attempt at being killed over his guilt. The Vietnam vet makes an Academy award winning documentary about him. When Ben gets out of prison he comes to kill the documentarian, but what he wants is to be killed, as does the documentarian.

I didn't think I could any more excited for this flick. *bounces happily at the description* Just going on things Ben's said in the past about the subject, not much but enough that you know how he feels, this is something he'd really want to do.
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