Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Update on Ben's New Movie

via terra firma:

LAScaper was able to find out some more details on that clip (from Ben's manager, it appears) I linked you to here.

Okay, so here's the deal. It sounds like Crash described it very well. (She's so smart hug ) The film is in pre-production which includes additional writing. The title of the film is definitely "Freeze Frame". Since we know the project is expected to start filming some time later this year, it sounds to me, like there are a lot of details yet to be ironed out. It sounds to me like this project is further along the production path than 'Going Homer' because we're actually hearing about a target filming date. We found out about 'Going Homer' via a magazine interview. This time we got a clip to ponder and speculate over.

**Crash had guessed it was a promo teaser/trailer along the lines of what we'd seen in the past with Claudia Black's One.

All I know is that I am ecstatic over seeing that we're going to have new Ben Browder on our screens and and it's going to highlight the fucking emotion he can put a person through.

ETA: Because of complications with YouTube over the license for the music played at the beginning and ending of the clip, a temporary clip with different music was uploaded. Please leave your comments for it over on the upload of the original clip. They're using that particular post to gauge viewings.
Tags: ben browder, freeze frame

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