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via LAScaper on TF.

Ben Browder - The Confession Of An Iraqi Vet. A scene from "Freeze Frame", a feature film to be directed by Galit McCord. (I have no idea about any of this so I'm confused about the title for now. I only discovered it a few minutes ago, watched it and scrambled over here to share.)

After watching this I really can't even articulate what the hell it makes me feel because there's so damn many things in there. I'll have to watch it again (that's a given anyway). But man, when Ben wants to fucking shine... boy does he ever.

Oh god... I think I feel faint. ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! /end fangirl mode

ETA: new link in case you'd like to download it.
Tags: ben browder, freeze frame, movie, squee!

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