Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Sam and Teal'c

Watching the end of Heroes part 2 always kills me, it really is one of the best episodes of television. Everyone's performances are perfect. You can see each character's connection to the other and it really is beautiful. It usually takes me a few minutes after watching it to sort of collect myself because I'm caught halfway in between tearing up and just going: damn.

Now having said that, the scene that always gets to me the most is Sam and Teal'c's scene when he gives her the paper with what he'd say if able to speak at Janet's memorial. You can just see so much respect and love he has for her in his eyes, the way he holds himself, and the softness of his voice. They've been through so much together and he's seen her in every type of situation imaginable, but I think this was the first time he was concerned that Janet's death would be something she needed more than just support to handle. Given that Teal'c chooses his words carefully before speaking them (because words have weight) it means a great deal (to me) that when he gives Sam his words in order to speak for him, for herself, and be their voice.

That make a lick of sense to anyone else but me?
Tags: meta, sg-1

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