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Ben Browder Interview

Awesome interview with Ben. And it's long! The video is just over 30 minutes and the transcript is six pages.

About Farscape:

GW: Farscape webisodes. Now, I personally not being particularly being a Farscape fan -- I don't know much about this -- but, apparently you were in talks to be involved in some type of webisodes for Farscape?

BB: They're still developing the webisodes for Farscape.

GW: So are you still open to being a part of them when they do come out?

BB: Hopefully, I'll be involved with it, yes.

GW: When was the last time you heard updates on that? Anything you can share?

BB: The last discussion I had about the webisodes [was] maybe two months ago. A month and a half.

GW: So it's not dead then?

BB: No!

And here's what he said about the newest SG-1 movie:

GW: [snip] Brad is working a third Stargate film.

BB: Oh, you have insight? You know what's going on?

GW: A little, but I'm not going to tell you!

BB: Oh great! [Laughter] Just rewind the whole… I can't pull the tape out of this thing!

GW: Yeah, it's a hard drive!

BB: Hard drives are susceptible to magnetism though, right?

GW: Oh, I know, as soon as I'm done with this I put it in my laptop.

BB: The Acme magnet, that's the one you need! You tell me or ...

GW: So if Stargate says "Come back!'. Are you open to coming back?

BB: Yeah, of course!

GW: Great!

BB: It's a great experience.

And I'd have to say that as much as I enjoyed this entire interview, my favorite part is this:

BB: Going Home is about a twelve year old boy named Homer Jones and his family. Homer sees the Greek myths unfolding in the world around him. It's basically "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" clashing with the modern world.

GW: Cool. What gave you the idea to do this project? "This is the next thing I want to do." What sparked that?

BB: One of my kids was interested in the Greek myths. It's an area which we constantly recycle. In American culture, we recycle the Greek myths. We recycle the forms of government. We recycle the architecture. So it surrounds us, and it informs our culture. From that standpoint, it seemed like fertile storytelling area.

GW: Were you a fan of the myths when you were younger? Or was this something you encountered when you were older?

BB: When I was growing up, you tried to catch a Ray Harryhausen [movie] on a Saturday afternoon. At least in the very beginning. The Greek myths also informed the Christian myths, or the Christian stories that are told. There's a great deal of cross-fertilization, culturally, between all of those cultures in the Mediterranean and in all of Western culture. I don't know that you can be an American and not be interested in Greek myth.

GW: What is it that you want to do with this project? Do you want to inform people about these stories?

BB: I want to tell a good story.
(emphasis mine)

You can also check out the gallery from the interview (I'd posted a few pictures from it the other day) over here.

Enjoy the interview!!
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