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Year in Review: Fic and Vids

Figured I'd better get this out of the way before I forget like last year and never actually do it. I'm actually quite surprised at the number of SG-1 fic I've written over Farscape. There really should have had four more stories to this list but apparently I can't get my head out of my butt and get the damn characters to frelling cooperate with me so I can finish (or edit) the stories!

1. photo of the friend that I was looking for (SG1)

- About it: These came about after I re-colored a promo picture of Cameron Mitchell in his dress blues at a wedding. I'd changed the text on each one stating who was getting married. And the two short stories within are the reasons behind the look on Cam's face.
- Favorite line: Only a thief goes traipsing around in the dark, they're the only ones with something to hide, one of his uncles used to say. sometimes though, only obscurity would allow you to really see what was on a person's mind and Cam forced himself to not think of the hand and where it was resting and that maybe this had something to do with what had been eating away at Daniel. "Why are you in my bed?"
- Reason why I did it: Because someone poked me really hard after I told the backstory on the promo picture I'd re-colored. And I realized that certain someone was right when she pointed out that the stories were already there.

2. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (FS)
- About it: What if Crais arrived on NamTar's asteroid?
- Favorite line: Geniuses warped and cowed down enough to want to do anything to please their master(s), there would be no way to trace which had sent word.
- Reason why I did it: Just to do it after the idea hit.

3. Courage to Live: Five Times John Crichton Died (FS)

4. Learning From Fools and From Sages (The Eternal Vigilance Remix) (FS)

5. Just Good Friends (SG1)

6. headlights in my eyes, we collide (FS)
- About it: Character piece mid-season 2.
- Favorite line: She quiets the discourse in his mind.
- Reason why I did it: I'd wanted to write halcyon_shift a drabble for her birthday. It kind of took on a life of it's own.

7. They Danced (SG1)
- About it: A little team drabble for ivorygates' birthday.
- Favorite line: They laugh and cry, scream and shoot and they go on.
- Reason why I did it: Because I wanted to write something that she would like.

8. After All the Roads of My Life (SG1)

9. Discovering Mitchell's Happy Place (SG1)

10. you can hear the whistle blowing (SG1)

11. Martyrs & Gangsters (FS)

12. True Blue (SG1)

13. and always find my place (SG1)

Now for the videos:

1. Epiphany (FS)

2. Ride On (SG1)

3. Re-edit: Sedate Me (FS)

4. Venus (FS)

5. The Pendulum Swings (SG1)

eta: Updated with thoughts on some of the fics. I'll be updating the rest tomorrow.
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