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Happy Holidays (And Farscape Comic Day!)

I'd like to wish everyone on my flist a very Merry Christmas, and for those that don't celebrate the holiday I still wish you a very Merry Thursday and that everyone has a wonderful day with family and/or friends.

My brother and (big)A went ahead and gave me my Christmas gift and they actually shocked the heck out of me by getting me something I've always wanted: A calligraphy set (when I was a kid I'd asked my parents for one for years), as well as a cute little wooden box to hold small trinkets in. eta: Forgot about the bags of Hershey's Kisses, one is the holiday variety... the other is really cool because they're all black and the bag says, naughty. :D

My gift from my mom is that she's going to pre-order the other Farscape comics for me. *bounces happily*

Picked up the first issue of the Farscape comic (found a hole in the wall comic store and got three actually with different covers) and it is of the most awesome. *sighs with relief at holding new Farscape canon in my hands* I thought of waiting, weighed my options... and tore that sucker open and read it in the parking lot and I have one big complaint...


Now time to sit back with A Christmas Story (with occasional interruptions of Man vs Wild) and re-read my beloved Farscape. I think after the kids open their gifts tomorrow I'll pop in a Farscape marathon.
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