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For once the pouty face worked on me.

Trying to post this quickly before I have to go babysit my brother and (big)A's littlest ones while they're Christmas shopping, so if this makes no sense please forgive me (or comment and slap me upside the head to clarify when I get back).

Still working out the details so I'm going to leave up my poll about the Guide For Newbie Writers a couple more days. What I might end up doing is a series of several posts with story sections, about five pages in length, and accompanied by a corresponding doc for those that need to have their hands on it to properly beta. Those wanting to help out with this project can then comment on the post or email back the document with their notes and I'll also be encouraging folks participating to really tear it up. At the end of it all, the guide will not only be on those particular posts (with appropriate screengrabs of docs emailed to me) but also on my website in one place. There are also going to be helpful links to writing resources and other shiny things. *g*

Yes, I do realize I'm setting myself up to have my ass handed to me but one advantage is that I already know that story needs major work since it's sporkalicious. Forewarned is forearmed and all that jazz.

Poll #1312382 Time Beween Posts

How long should I give people time to edit each story section?

1-2 days
3-4 days
7 days
other (will comment)
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