Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

It's a conspiracy I tell ya

I told myself that I would do no more ficathons until I'd posted three stories that I've been fighting to finish for people for the longest damn time and then I saw this: stargate_summer

And my brain decided: "Hey, that looks cool! I want!"

I argued in my formidable style: "But..."

My brain answers: "We can do this you know. Really. And look it's shiny."

And then I answer back, and I am really proud of my response: "But!!! It's trying to write a novel. That's hard!"

Brain: "Shiny. Very shiny."

Me: "Bitch."

Brain: "You know you love me."

I'm starting to think that ivorygates' evolness is rubbing off on someone. *looks in synecdochic direction* (Okay, so that was a gimme...)
Tags: ficathon, my brain is a scary fucking place, sg-1 fic, writing
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