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Farscape Comic Info

The Farscape comic was originally supposed to be out Nov. 26th but according to Krad (kradical) there had been some delays. Thankfully the article listed below gives the new release date as December 24th. Woot! And we can get our fix a taste of it over on MTV's website. They have the first six pages at the bottom of their article on the comic.

MTV Farscape teaser **Spoiler Warning** (god I so frelling love saying that again)

These links are via AerynCrichton on Terra Firma.

To find your local comic store, go here:

Comic Shop Locater

If you do find a local store, you might want to call them to make sure they've ordered the book.

Boom! Studios

Farscape Canada

The Comic Stop Online

UK Scapers can try Forbidden Planet

Things from Another World

For Aussies (ships Australia-wide) King's Comics

ETA: Krad has confirmed that DECEMBER 24TH is the release date.

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