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have graduated from soup to a bagel and now just waiting to see if it'll stay where its supposed to and for this damn headache to go the fuck away.

had some nice ben dreams where he decided to tell me where i was going wrong with an original story, for some reason i was sitting on top of a school bus and we were at the beach while he was telling me this stuff. then the dream decided to shift to someone stealing onto a ship (i think it was moya but it didn't really look like her) by walking through a wall into a room that is actually a trash compactor and the guy couldn't walk back out so he was jumping sections of the wall/floor as they tumbled like a deck of cards. thankfully i woke up before it reached the crushing point and the guy was making a dive for a hole in the wall that was open for maintenance. i don't think the guy made it though.
Tags: dream, sick

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