Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I am triumphant!

For once a Disney movie didn't make me cry! *does Rocky pose* (yes, i freely admit that disney can make me cry like a little bitch. the bastards. *g*)

Had to babysit the my brother's youngest girls tonight and we popped in Wall-E, then me and the girls all piled on the couch and munched on cold leftover Chinese. Very cool movie and unfortunately I think V is going to have a bruise on her leg from where I sort of got excited on some parts of the movie. But it did not make me cry for once.

*totally forgets getting misty-eyed and the wobbly bottom lip during the last thirty minutes of the movie*

And if you're wondering about my reaction to the season finale of Sons of Anarchy... I am still DEAD from it.
Tags: movie

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