Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Waiting sucks

If I'm lucky, I'll get my computer back tomorrow. LMAO! Yeah..I said if I'm lucky. *g* I haven't been able to write a lick really while using my mom's computer. It's hard to concentrate on writing or even reading fics while on this machine for some reason.

So I've been vegging out and playing with photoshop the last two days.

Got the idea for this wallpaper from ABL.

This one was just me in a sappy mood after watching music vids about these two.

Watching Braveheart right now. God, I love this movie. Yes..I know it's pretty much historically fucked. But hell. I love the way the story is told, and most importantly...It's filmed entirely in Scotland!!! I have been obsessed with going to this country since I was 13. So anything to do with it. I love. Can't help it.

I'm very surprised at USA networks showing this movie. They've actually left in almost all of the graphic scenes during the battles. Including showing the one dude get the arrow in the ass.
Tags: wallpaper

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