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Road Not Taken!Cam:

I use this one program called Microsoft One Note and I actually love it to freaking death because it makes it easier to put down stray thoughts in easy to find sections (Notebooks) that I've set up (plus it is beyond frelling awesome for getting screen grabs and I want to marry the person that came up with the program for that). Anyway, I've been going through several of the pages searching for something and I came across this bit; some observances about Cameron in The Road Not Taken.

  • Has four plants (2 dead, 1 almost dead, and a dead tree (how the hell did he get a tree up there but more importantly why would he have a tree in an apartment. Although I wager that it's because he misses going outdoors much, though you'd think with that reasoning he'd be taking care of them even if he doesn't want to take care of himself much. And he'd die before admitting that was the reason even he knew you knew it.)

  • Has two joystick controllers for a video game. One is set aside on the floor by the tv, likely hardly used. Has a game dvd but he has no actual game console. Makes me wonder if maybe he pawned or sold it recently. (though I'm willing to allow that it's probably a dvd movie. ;))

  • Has a rotary phone. And it's not one of those 'retro' phones either, this looks like something from the eighties.

I remember writing it, but for the life of me I don't know why I did and figured I'd share so I can dump the page.
Tags: cameron mitchell, meta, sg-1

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