Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I should really be in bed...

but a curiosity popped in my head and I figured I'd ask it and then scoot my butt back under the covers.

I guess this is sort of spawned from all of the Jack/Daniel fic I've been reading lately and the different ways that writers portray Jack O'Neill. So I'm curious about your Jack.

I'm actually still nailing down my Jack though that is simply because I've had a hard time 'getting' him, at least I think. (I'd started watching the series for RDA because of MacGyver but it was Daniel that held my attention and pretty much blinding me to everyone else until season nine. Plus, I didn't really pay attention to the character stuff in series tv back when it first began.)

It's getting easier, especially after vidding him and Daniel, thankfully for me to hear his voice when I come across a story that's well written but the aspects of him (little things really) at those times are hard to really pinpoint for me. I'm still pretty much at the grabby hands stage when I find that I can hear him clearly and distinctly. (and kudos to you writers that manage to do that. ♥)

So, please, tell me about your Jack O'Neill. Why do you love, hate, or ship him. What makes you want to ship him to whatever your favored pairing happens to be?

(please be courteous to others when you answer. i don't want to have to smack folks for being rude. this is an equal opportunity character thread.)
Tags: jack o'neill, sg-1, tv

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