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I has recs!

Last night I watched this very very cool AU Sam/Cam video by milena_d that is phenomenally put together. While I'm not a Sam/Cam shipper I simply had to tell folks about this because of the awesome job she did of creating this AU and it has to be seen.

Standing in the Rain

grammarwoman has put together a rockin' soundtrack that shows her fannish love of ivorygates' story Waterloo Bridge (and you know me... I've got to share any love of that story when I can find the chance). So go check out the soundtrack and flail happily with her at the shrine, my lovelies.

Almost forgot to share this with you... Blitzed over on TF had submitted a fun Farscape video to the Burbank Con that I absolutely adore and I'm laying bets that if you give it a chance you'll be boppin' along with it just as much as I do. I think she has an LJ but I'm not actually sure what it is or else I'd link to that instead.


But go and enjoy all the fun and if you can... let them know how much you enjoyed it.
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