Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Fic: Forever Watching

Why does this happen at the most inopportune times. I'm in the middle of an uber angsty moment in my story and a shippy ficlet pops into my head.

Forever Watching


"He has arrived, but she needs you right now...go to her." The voice whispered softly in his ear as he looked from across the room.

"I don't think I can do it...I'm not strong enough." He felt himself shake with worry at the sight of Aeryn lying restrained to the metal bed.

Feeling the soft hand wrap their blue fingers in his own, he felt strength enter into him, "Your love for one another makes you strong enough. I am giving you nothing that you did not already have. Now...go to her."

The hand removed itself from his own. He can see she is dreaming of a time when the pregnancy is further along and can feel her love for their child. Moving close to her, he places his hand on her full stomach.

He smiles as Aeryn opens her eyes, "It's time."

He is so proud of her, has always been proud of her strength, "You're doing good."

A wave of emotion hits him as she smiles and lays her hand on his own. He can feel their son inside of her, not yet growing, but he will be soon enough. Rubbing her stomach he adds a more of his own strength to hers. Anything to keep her going a little bit longer til the other arrives to take her from this place of death.

Aeryn runs her fingers over his hand, reaching upwards he can feel her touch his face. It's enough to sustain him for a thousand cycles, even if it is only in her mind, but it is his reality.

He knows his time is swiftly running out, "You're doin great."

He doesn't want to go as Aeryn rubs his chin with her thumb. Smiling at her one last time, he has no choice now but back away from her touch and watches her wake up still reaching for him. His heart breaks when he hears the way the nurse speaks to her.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turns to face Zhaan, "Do not fear for her John, the other John will reach her soon. She will survive as well as your son."

"Can I watch her for a while longer Zhaan?" He whispers.

"You never have to leave her, you may stand here with me and guard over them all."

"Thank you Blue."
Tags: farscape, fic

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