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wakey wakey

Went and saw Dawn of the Dead last night with my nieces. Boy did I get the dirty looks from older people. Yes, I took three children to see a horror movie. Go fuck yourself!(not lj'ers, but the people with wandering eyeballs) They enjoyed the movie. So did I. Really gross, and just the kind of mind numbing violence that I needed to put me in a good mood. *g*

Update from computer hell. It was the motherboard that was leaking the goo. Tech said he found a compatible replacement. Which he had a hard time doing since HP decided not to carry replacement parts for my computer anymore. Guy who was footing the service bill for me is no longer doing it. Seems my mom had told him the repairs were to her computer and he found out they weren't. So the tech told me with parts and labor, it's going to cost me a little over $300. *gulp* Anybody know where I can sell children for slave labor? But this is better than no computer at all or having to buy a new one. And I get my baby back either Wed. or Thurs. Yay!

This is my first attempt at dialog only. Set before Premiere. 138 words.

“What are you doing here? I heard…”

“Please. I need your help…”

“I will not hide you.”

“That is not why I need your help. It’s Jothee.”

“You didn’t hurt the boy, did you?”

“I would never hurt my son.”

“You killed…”

“I did not kill her.”

“Who then?”


“Give me the boy then. I know of a place where he will be safe.”

“If he or the Peacekeepers find him, they’ll kill him for what he is.”

“Be quick about it then. Give me the boy.”


“This will only be for a short time. You will be safe until I return.”

“What if you were followed here? You need to go.”

“Don’t go, Father, I’m scared.”

“It is only for a short time, and I will come get you. Always remember that I love you.”

The End


I had to take a bunch out because it was so long. Googlism

kaz is here

kaz is a moron
Hey, it was only the one time. Okay..twice.

kaz is from new jersey age

kaz is the evolution of these 6 electric vehicles
I'll take your word on it.

kaz is one of ibm's top business partners in australasia
Did someone combine countries and not tell me?

kaz is able to offer services in integration
Sure, why not?

kaz is also currently developing a $15 million next
generation superannuation administration software system with a consortium of australian industry
Ooooo...time to buy that condo.

kaz is on honeymoon
I think I got screwed on the deal here.

kaz is mooning
hehe...Look at my shiny hiney. *g*

kaz is structured to allow everyone to work at their own pace
I'm diplomatic that way.

kaz is fast becoming the worlds most popular way to learn to touch
Do we really want to go there? *snicker*

kaz is a not a clone of the 30's style tutors but a fresh
Yup...I'm unique.

kaz is the worlds leading cartoonist of medical humor
And here I thought I could draw a killer Scooby Doo.

kaz is very positive for our customers
I'm just a ray of sunshine.

kaz is a high
Why yes I am.

kaz is the brainchild of professor hiroshi shimizu and his research team of keio university faculty of environmental information
See, told you I was unique.

kaz is one of the most appealing and user friendly software keyboarding packages that i have used
Knew I was getting played.

kaz is winner's responsibility
When did I become someone's toy and how kinky will it get?

kaz is the only grower of dechaunac in california
Whatever the hell that is.

kaz is a decent human being whose needs are maniacal
Knew it wasn't just my imagination.

kaz is one of mike's partners in crime at knott's berry farm
I told Mike to keep his mouth shut.

kaz is disgusted that the minotaurs should be forced to serve under such honorless men as the ogres

kaz is getting tv time

kaz is 90 minutes
I am?

kaz is well designed and primed for action
*giggle* Sorry, dirty thought!

kaz is the world's largest vaporizer/humidifier manufacturer and continues to be the most trusted name in the industry
I always thought that was cool.

kaz is not aware of any investigation into any kaz activity
Well I know NOW!

kaz is very brave person and kind heart
Thank you for noticing.*g*

kaz is the former ceo of mtv russia
They have Mtv in Russia? kewl!

kaz is the largest australian listed it outsourcing and business process outsourcing company operating in the asia pacific region
Okay, where's my damn money then?

kaz is unchanged in the past 3 days
Actually I change a couple times a day, thank you very much.

kaz is descended from owain glyndwr
I am? Who's that?

kaz is going to buy some more countries
And I'm going to start with Scotland.

kaz is inquisitive but somewhat shallow
I admit it, but it's a family trait.

kaz is goin' to say this sucks say this sucks say this sucks
Awww...you do know me.

kaz will be correct
I usually am. *g*

kaz is pregnant
LMAO! What am I? The virgin Mary?
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