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Burbank Con Report - Day One

Typically one's body has the good manners to wait until after the convention to come down with the plague. Not so in this case. I spent most of the convention sick and so damn glad I took ivorygates' advice about using a cane in case my foot/ankle started bothering me with all of the walking. But my roommates (uisceboo, frelledsenseless, monkee04) plied me with remedies to help me get through the day after spending my first night coughing my head off. I still feel so damn bad for waking them up all weekend but they were pretty damn awesome and understanding. While I can't remember too many details I do have lots of pictures! For more detailed reports you can head over to Terra Firma where there is a whole section dedicated to all of the events and panels that happened during the con.

There are so many people that I have to thank for making this one of the best Farscape cons I've attended and I so wouldn't have been able to go or enjoy myself as much as I did. All of my love and thanks needs to go to ivorygates, scorpy808, Uisceboo, ScorpSik, Monkee04, frelledsenseless, stlscape, Purple, SylvreWolfe, ameshinju, ninja007, BritPete, pilotseyes... god I can't even remember everyone... but you know who you are and I can't thank you enough. *hugs all of you*

Uisceboo letting Burbank know that Scapers were in town

1..2..3.. draw! Quick draw picture taking during breakfast.

Scapers come in all shapes and sizes.

(LAscaper in the background laughing)

I may have committed a sin when I admitted that I don't like TimTams.

Terra Firma meet up.

ScorpSik warning folks to not drink the water.

Gigi and a friend before going into the convention center.

Waiting for David Franklin and my coffee to kick in.

I finally got to see David's Elvis impersonation. It was divine.

Someone forgot to turn off their phone and David answered it,
scolding the person on the other end for not being there.

Gigi was bouncy and cute and I really can't remember a thing she talked about. Or even if I asked her a question this year.

(outside Panda Express where we went for dinner)

Look, ma! I gots musckles!
Quote from scorpy808 when she saw this: hell yeah, pk kaz!

Ricky Manning molesting Iggy the Trout.


Did I mention she was one of my roomies? :D

Pip strikin' a pose.

Everyone knows that this handsome follow is UCSBdad

UCSBdad and Birthsister

pre-con report here.
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