Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Burbank Con Report - part half

Figured I'd start out with a few photos from my flight and arrival at the hotel. I've actually got a couple hours worth of video footage to transfer from the camcorder but instead of trying to do fifty things at once while still sick I decided that sorting through the 500 pictures I'd taken should be the big hump I get over first. There's only a few here because I was dog tired and I headed up to bed with a couple of the roomies.

This was the last thing I saw before heading inside the airport when mom dropped me off.
(little)A gave me a big kiss and told me to have fun and to bring her cookies home.

I took some really neat photos during my flight.

Scapers congregating in one part of the lobby.
(tentacle porn, frellnik, monkee04)

(monkee04, dorothy gail, and panic)

(tentacle porn, frellnik)

(kernil crash)

more con stuff later...

(if I've forgotten anyone's name during these reports, I apologize for my terrible memory. Please speak up and I'll correct it.)
Tags: burbank2008, con report

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