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*happy dance* Farscape Weekend!

I was just informed that I in fact do not get a nap before going to the airport because certain people in my family decided to switch things around and I have to leave even earlier. Yay! I get to go sit at the airport for four hours before my flight with only a few hours sleep over the last couple days. One of the reasons I'd originally picked the frelling flight was so I wouldn't have to rush - but by not rushing I'd meant not having to rush out the door!

*pops a couple vivarin*

Now that the minor complaining is out of the way, all I have to say is I get to see Ben Browder this weekend!

For those of you going... see you there in a few hours!

And for my friends not going... I'll be bring back lots of piccies and video for you. So behave as only I would and I hope you have grand fun yourself.

Instant recs before I go...

ivorygates has posted one of the most awesome AUs starting from the original movie, called Change Is ‎Only The Beginning. It's one of her oldest WIP and she put some monstrous work into and it is so damn worth the time to read it.

And synecdochic has posted two new amazing chapters in the Mezzanine universe. Truly you do not want to miss Training Wheels and Hardcore Superstar By Far.

All three stories are just too freaking beautiful to really describe why you need to read them. Just do yourself a favor and hop over there.
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