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*bitchslaps my aunt*

i've just had to hear the most ridiculous shit from her relayed through mom. 'i hope your happy the n***r won'.
my response was: and here i'd always thought were a good, decent, god-fearing christian.
then she says she is and that obama isn't because he's for abortion and for gays.
my response 'what's wrong with being for a woman having a safe choice in the matter or for people to have equal rights? then you must have lied to my face and you don't like me because i'm gay.
mom says: you're about as gay as the man in the moon (she thinks this because of my crushing on ben browder).
me: do you want me to lay a girl out and fuck her in front of you?
aunt: if you were gay you wouldn't need a vibrator.
(this is where my eyes bug out of my fucking *head*)
me: for one thing... all lesbians do. for another you don't *need* to have anything stuck up inside to be fucked. that's why you have the clit and why it's called the *magic button* and read a fucking book on stuff before you start spouting off on things you don't know about.
mom: i don't want to be in the middle of this anymore.
me: i'm going back to bed.

(i'd just started dozing off when mom knocked on my bedroom door and asked me if I'd watched the news and I told her I'd been up all night watching it when my aunt called.)

i decided to post this because it shows that we do have a loooong way to go and i don't want to forget. now i'm going back to bed.
Tags: election day, family rant
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