Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I saved posting this until today.

There's a drycleaners in Lakeland, FL that always has the coolest sign that they change every week, each side says something different, and this is the one from last Tuesday. (I think the back of this one was: Morton's Law. Use it with a grain of salt. *g*) After I get home this afternoon my mom, brother and I are going down the block to the polling place to vote. It's something I honestly didn't think I'd ever do with them as a family. It's pretty damn bitchin'.

If you live in the States... my wonderful, smart, awesome flist... Go VOTE. I know that there really isn't any worry about that because if not for so many of you I would not be as informed about this election as I am today. Thank you!
Tags: election day, voting

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