Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Kiss me...I'm 1/18 Irish

And I have my god awful green stretch pants on. It's the only thing I own clothing-wise that is green. I have to wear them or I will be pinched to death by the kids when they come home in 20 min. Freaking half-day of school again. What is with the damn school board here? The kids have spring break next week as it is. *makes the sign of the cross in fear*

Computer tech is coming out tomorrow at noon. Please let him be able to save my baby.

Watched both Century City and Touching Evil last night. Century City was okay, I liked it. I swear I'm going to give it more of a chance than I did Firefly.

Touching Evil I absolutly LOVED, as in wanting to give the lead a big ole scary girl hug. I kept wondering where I had seen the dude from. Turns out he had been on Pretender, I think he played Jarod's brother if I remember right. Also he was in The Blair Witch 2. Kept bugging me all last night where I had seen him from until I checked out the website for it. Anyway, I enjoyed the acting, and his character. So I'll be watching it for sure next week.

Thread over on Kansas about original writing got me to thinking. So just on a whim, I made up a section of the Dark Brigade for people to post their original stories in order to get feedback or tips. Stuff like that.

This particular section is for all genre and types of stories. Why just limit what people want to post? I mean, me personally I'm terrified of posting anything original of my own. I had only done it the once with Morning Ride because I felt 'safe' enough with the Kansas regs to do it. Well hopfully, it'll be the same way here for others.

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