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another item in the Florida sucks column

Mom received a letter from the state the other day saying that they've collected just over $4,000 from the kid's dad for child support (he owes over $12,000 in back child support). Wanna know how much she got of that? $150

The state kept the rest. No reason was given... just that they were keeping it.

She's barely holding things together trying to feed and clothe these kids while they cut more and more of her disability and their SSI checks (which by the way the state says she makes too much from those to be fucking qualified for food stamps) and the goddamn state keeps the money that should rightfully go to the kids for their care. (which as anyone with kids knows the older they get the more expensive shit becomes.) So seriously WTF Florida? Oh and fuck you too!

(for those that are unfamiliar with my mom and the kids (who I call the spawn of satan because they're so damn mean): Mom has been caring for my sister's four kids since she passed away after complications with pneumonia because Sis was a diabetic. The kid's haven't seen their dad since the day of their mom's funeral. His choice, not mom's. )
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