Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*checks address*

This can't be right. We're hitting the 40s at night and tomorrow is only supposed to be 66 degrees. Here. In Florida. And it's only October, I don't think we usually hit these temperatures here until December.

I've been enjoying everyone flail around for their cold weather stuff. Wimps. Mom looked at me like I had two heads this morning when I went out in just shorts and a t-shirt and she was wearing a heavy windbreaker. (A has been going crazy trying to keep clothes on Junior. Kid keeps stripping every chance she gets because she kinda runs hot and does not like sweaters and shirts piled on.) *cackles*

Oh... and LJ's little monkey men better quit smokin the crack because this shit is NOT working normally here.
Tags: family, florida sucks, lj

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