Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

40th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey

They're showing it on Turner Classic Movies right now for the anniversary in it's complete version.

I'm giving it another shot and hopefully I'll be able to make it all the way through this time. I usually last only about ten minutes. It was always too quiet for me but my tastes in movies have changed a great deal since I last had an opportunity to watch it completely.

(damn I really wish I still had the icon of John in front of the monolith in PKwars)

ETA: kazbaby: fixing to finally watch 2001. it's coming on at 8pm on Turner Classic Movies. i'll do my best not to turn it.
scorpy808: you're never watched 2001??
kazbaby: tried. usually don't make it past the first ten minutes. it's too quiet. lol
kazbaby: loved the sequel though.
kazbaby: it's been 20 years since i even saw that though.
scorpy808: it's an excellent movie ... all that "non dialog" and everything is what makes it awesome ... a movie like that could probably never be written again
kazbaby: try Solaris. i didn't like it at first for the same reason but when i re-watched it last year i loved it.
scorpy808: there's an original and a remake of that i believe
kazbaby: has some of the same themes. this one has George Clooney.
scorpy808: that's the remake
kazbaby: yes
scorpy808: i think the original is a russian movie
kazbaby: i know
kazbaby: but you'd like the remake.
kazbaby: but i'm giving 2001 another shot for you.
scorpy808: aww cool!
kazbaby: i remember how much you loved the nod to it in pkwars. this is the first chance i've had to see it since then.
scorpy808: well it's one of those "classic films all sci-fi geeks reference"!
kazbaby: hee!
kazbaby: huh.. today is the 40th anniversary of 2001!
scorpy808: probably why they're running it
kazbaby: yup.
kazbaby: okay, is this monolith showing up with the apes and then later on the jupiter moon supposed to help invoke evolutionary change?
kazbaby: or just signify it?
scorpy808: well not necessarily ... i always took it to mean that "humanity" (whether it be like proto-humans or what) would respond to them when they had reached a certain point in their evolution.
kazbaby: *nod* makes sense. and i so am not going to do a story about how since it showed harvey "dying" in front of the monolith in john's mind evolved to become baby D'Argo when john/aeryn held him up like the Star Child at the end of the movie. (may not have seen all of the movie but i've been hanging around you for long enough to know bits of it. )
scorpy808: ha!
kazbaby: i told ivory that idea and *she* called me evil.
scorpy808: you are evil .... as well as bad
kazbaby: thank ya.
kazbaby: 37 minutes in and i haven't turned it. i get a cookie?
scorpy808: *gives cookie*
kazbaby: *nibbles* nomnomnomnom
kazbaby: *cracks up over the long list of instructions for the toilet*
scorpy808: lol
kazbaby: it's a book!
scorpy808: haha
kazbaby: some creepy ass music wh the modern guys are seeing the monolith for the first time.
scorpy808: oh yeah i love that shit
kazbaby: LOL
kazbaby: *links to this post*
scorpy808: lol (comments)
kazbaby: thought you'd appreciate that.
scorpy808: the monkey scene is the best though ... cause the 1st time you see that movie ... you're like "what in the fuck is this movie about??"
kazbaby: EEEEE he's singing Daisy!!!!
kazbaby: i love that!
kazbaby: i knew that's where john had got it in LGM3 but it's so bitchin to hear it here.
scorpy808: hee
kazbaby: i like the 'beyond the infinite' title thingy.
scorpy808: yeah totally
kazbaby: these space sequences after he sees the second monolith are really fucking COOL.
scorpy808: yeah that's the acid trip part of the movie
kazbaby: :D groovy :D
scorpy808: ha
kazbaby: *makes note to find acid for next time i watch this*
scorpy808 : lol
kazbaby: they really did get the detail *exact* in pkwars, didn't they.
scorpy808): totally
kazbaby: now that's showing love.
scorpy808: yeah it was fuckin meticulous!
kazbaby: okay... i agree. this movie rocks!
kazbaby: especially the ending.
scorpy808: lol well i'm glad you finally saw the light!
kazbaby: *shades*
kazbaby: and i think that harvey/starchild fic *will* get made after all.
scorpy808: ha nice

eta2: I should totally warn for referenced spoilers to Farscape's season 2 episode Liars, Guns & Money part 3 and Peacekeeper Wars.
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