Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*freaky dream alert*

So there I was in mom's minivan, behind the wheel, I think I'd just gotten in and started the car when two guys came up to it. One beside the driver's side, the other in back that I could see in the rear-view mirror. The guy beside my door immediately shouted to get the fuck out and pulled out a gun. I threw myself down sideways, shifting the car into drive and hitting the gas at the same time but there was nowhere to go because of where I was parked. It was enough though that he didn't have a clear shot. Both guys started screaming at me but I didn't sit up, instead I put the car in reverse and slammed my foot on the gas running over the guy in back. His face hit the back window leaving a bloody impression of his face before falling under the car and I twisted the wheel and got the hell out of there. That's when I woke up.
Tags: dream

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