Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*starts makin' with the hoodoo*

Venus is now on it's way to Burbank. The DHL driver just picked it up and I have it set up for next day delivery. Now just cross your fingers, light candles, pray, stick pins in voodoo dolls, sacrifice cute and fuzzy things (I say things because I'm sure that stuffed animals can be substituted for the real thing ;))... anything really so that they'll actually play it.

** I'm trying my best to not think negatively about it but ya know when you get used to a particular outcome it's very hard and I'm tired of getting my hopes up and having them end in tears. yup, I freely admit I'm an emotional wuss about this.I just want to see something of mine on that big screen, screw the contest.
Tags: burbank2008, vidding

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